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Build custom processes with Microsoft PowerApps (October / November)

About this course

The way we work today is fundamentally different, even compared to just a few years ago. Work happens on our phones, tablets and laptops everywhere we go: on manufacturing floors, on aeroplanes or at customer meetings. And yet, the apps we use to do business have been slow to keep pace with employee demand. Not every business problem can be solved with off-the-shelf solutions, but developing custom solutions has traditionally been too costly and time consuming.

PowerApps are designed to fit these gaps. They give the people who best understand their needs and challenges the power to quickly meet them, without the time, complexity and cost of custom software development.

If you're a busines analyst or business expert who wants to create apps and automate workflows to solve business needs, then this course is for you. During this course, you will learn how to expand upon your existing knowledge and apply it to improving business processes in your organisation. You will learn how to create apps that solve specific business needs, without writing code or struggling with integration issues. You will learn how to focus on your data and business processes, and leverage the capabilities of PowerApps to deliver solutions that work across phones, tablets and browsers.

What you'll learn:

  • Basic principles in designing PowerApps.
  • How PowerApps are used and where they fit in solving business issues.
  • How to generate business apps that work on phones, tablets, and browsers.
  • Connect to multiple data sources, such as a list in SharePoint, or an Excel table on OneDrive.

What are the requirements?

Because this course is designed as a workshop or hands-on app, you will need a laptop and a browser that supports HTML5 standard.

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